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Blog Archive for April 2010

Magical Molecular Cocktails - Alexis Forsyth

April 26, 2010

Liquid nitrogen, calcium chloride, sodium alginate… You probably wouldn’t associate any of these with your average tipple around town, but in the world of molecular cocktails, mixologists use these to create fabulous concoctions that are certain to wow your senses. ...

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My White Lady - Dan Warner

April 20, 2010

My White Lady The White Lady has always been a very important drink for me, both during my bartending career and during my time as Global Brand Ambassador for Beefeater Gin. It is the first gin cocktail I really liked ...

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Member Of The Club? - Peter Holland

April 8, 2010

Member of the Club? We’re glad John has kindly given us the opportunity to use this fantastic website as a soapbox for a moment – if you’ll allow us, we would like to tell you about a plan we have… ...

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