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Member of the Club? - Peter Holland

April 8, 2010 by John Collingwood

Member of the Club?

We’re glad John has kindly given us the opportunity to use this fantastic website as a soapbox for a moment – if you’ll allow us, we would like to tell you about a plan we have…

First of course we should start with the background. We got ‘into’ rum not that long ago relatively speaking. It’s been in our lives for quite a while, but we didn’t know just how varied and interesting and lovely it really is! We’ve learnt a lot from friends, books, blogs and big events like RumFest and Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, but the one key part of the ongoing education is Rum Club!

We were lucky – very early on we found out about Rum Club at Trailer Happiness in London’s Notting Hill. Just picture it: Pauline and I, slightly nervously as we headed on in – not exactly sure what to expect.

Over a year later, we go along whenever there is one on and both our knowledge and passion for rum have grown with every meeting. Perhaps even more importantly – we’ve so many more friends now, being a club ‘member’ is so much more than just the focus – the social aspect is the mortar that binds the events together and increased the enjoyment.

We were lucky. If we hadn’t had that in our lives – I have no doubt that I wouldn’t be enjoying blogging the way I do and wouldn’t be half the site that it is now (although it really does have a long way to go before I’m happy with it).

One of the best things about rum is that it opens your eyes to different parts of the world – we’ve now got friends in different countries and that’s solely down to RUM!

So because we‘ve had such a good experience – it’s only natural that we would love for other people to experience the same. That might just lead to someone being so inspired by it, that they also feel inspired to preach the good word: ‘rum!’ More the merrier we say!

What we’re keen to avoid is that people feel excluded because of geographical reasons – if people can get together in an area that is currently not serviced, then the potential for a bar or pub to step up to the mark arises. More smiles – more rum!

Over the last month or so, we have noticed that the word Rum Club is starting to get connected with different parts of the UK – Newcastle, Brighton and Kent. We have given a ‘shout out’ on the where possible. It really feels that right now, the UK is on the verge of a mass outbreak of Rum Clubs.

Some may have a cover charge – some may not, but all have the key element, which to try something new and learn a little as you go. It bears repeating, but it’s almost impossible to say ‘rum’ without smiling and you’ll get the opportunity to socialise and meet new friends.

By the time you’ve read this missive – the Newcastle Rum Club will have had its opening night. We truly hope it went well for John and I’m sure that all those that went along had a great time. We also know John has other nights planned.

For John, it’s a regular affair with montly meets scheduled, with guest speakers. Other events around the country are likewise monthly, or maybe less frequent after all, Trailer Happiness doesn’t run one every month!

We think that here at, we are well placed to pick up rumours of new clubs being planned – we know that London is likely to see a couple of new ones this year and we’re also pleased that some people are starting to ‘want’ to tell us about their plans, because they know we will help spread the word.

This is a really cool thing our humble opinion.

So here is our plan: we want to start a notice board / forum style page on and we would like everyone who has an event, be it big or small – regular or infrequent to share the news. Link it back to your own website and so the network will grow!

We also want people who are interested in attending one – but can’t actually find one nearby to register their interest and for ‘those’ in the trade to be proactive and aim to educate the masses, after all the bottom line is what counts and if there are a hundred new rum fans created – then that’s a hundred more bottles of rum that could be sold… We all know that one leads to another – makes sense eh?

It’s a small start – but let’s see what noises we get and with your support let’s create a network of rum lovers!


Pete & Pauline

P.S. – I don’t think this has to be solely UK based either – other countries can have their say as well. Just remember rum lovers are prone to travel and may visit on one of their jaunts.

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