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Accent Magazine - April's Cocktail of the Month

March 3, 2010 by John Collingwood

Mahiki Vanilla Island


Mahiki white rum
1/2 lime
Handful of ice cubes
Ginger beer
Scoop of vanilla ice cream
Pinch of nutmeg


Rescue the best glassware you have in your house.
Pour a large measure of Mahiki White Rum in the glass
Hand squeeze half lime in the glass
Fill it up with some fresh ice cubes and top it up with ginger beer.
Float a good quality vanilla ice cream ball on top.
Grate some Nutmeg on the vanilla island.

Mahiki Rum is a range of three super premium rums:

White rum
Gold rum
Rum aged in Cognac cask

These rums are made in Barbados, in the south of the island, at the Foursquare distillery.

The distillery is well known for its clean slightly sweet style of rum. The famous distiller Richard Seale is renowned for his forward – thinking attitude regarding distilling but also in the ageing process of the rum as he experiments using different types of cask.

Mahiki Rum has been blended and crafted by Richard and Papa Jules, the rum and tiki cocktail expert from Mahiki.

The rum has been specifically blended to be a versatile rum which can be sipped and savoured on its own or used with a mixer, and also in tropical cocktails.

Mahiki White Rum, used in this cocktail, is aged for two years, the taste is light and sweet with hints of banana, exotic fruits with a long finish.



So what is The Rum Club?

Every Tuesday Tiki-O (underneath Tokyo, West Gate Road) will be opening up its doors and celebrating everything about this fantastic spirit.

The idea is simple, to open your eyes to the 36 of the best rums in the world, making you try brands you have never heard of, let alone drunk.

All you have to do is become a member of this fine club, then every time you come along, sample a few of these fine rums! With guidance from fantastic bartenders, you then chose how to drink it… neat, in a Daiquiri, Mai Tai or Mojito!

Then, once you have sampled every single rum on the menu, you will then have the honour of becoming a Tiki God and have access to the rare, limited edition or fantastically expensive rums!

Every month there will be a member’s night, when one of the biggest names in the rum world will come down and inspire you!

First up on the launch night The Rum Club will have the pleasure of welcoming the Tiki legend, Papa Jules of Mahiki Rum. He will be shaking up some amazing cocktails for you all to try.

Catch you all there, mine’s a straight up Daiquiri!

Cheers, John Collingwood