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How to make a Bramble

Ingredients you'll need …

About the Bramble

This is a delicious and simple gin based cocktail, that has an added sweetness to it…certainly one for the ladies; well in fact anyone as I can not get enough of them.


Get yourself a clean rocks/tumbler glass.

Roll your lemon for 10–15 seconds on a chopping board.

Cut in half and place into the lemon squeezer.

Measure into a 25ml jigger and put into your glass.

Tilt your 25ml measurer to a 45 degree angle and pour your sugar syrup/gomme into it.

Once it gets to the rim of the jigger, place this into your glass.

Fill the glass with crushed ice.

Measure 50ml of Bombay Sapphire Gin and pour into the glass.

Next get your barspoon and begin to mix all the ingredients together.

Top with more crushed ice.

Get the Chambord and drizzle over the top of the drink…this will create a lovely raspberry sweetness dimension to the drink.

Get your lemon wedge and place in the top of the drink and position 2 sip straws next to it.

And thats it…..!

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