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How to make a Caipirinha

Ingredients you'll need …

  • 50ml Sagatiba Cacacha
  • 1 x Lime (cut into chunks)
  • 2 x Barspoons of Granulated sugar
  • Crushed ice

About the Caipirinha

The national drink of Brazil, a perfect balance of Cacacha (a spirit that tastes somewhere between Rum & Tequila), lime & sugar.

The lovely Brazilians drink around 4 billion bottles of Cacacha, so that tells you how good it is.

This can be easily adapted by changing the Cacaha for other spirits:

Rum = Caiprissima
Vodka = Caiproska

Flavour it by muddling fruit with the lime & sugar, strawberry or raspberry is awesome


Get yourself a lovely heavy bottomed rocks/tumber glass

Roll your lime for 10–15 secs, so that it becomes softer and juicer

Cut the lime in half, place one to the side

Then half it again, holding the two halves together, evenly cut across 3 times, which will leave you with 6 cubes

Repeat with the other half and place both into the glass

Next add 2 barspoons of granulated sugar

With your muddler, get stuck in and press down on the lime and sugar. The granulated sugar’s apprasiveness will extract all the lovely oils and juices from the lime

Once you feel you have got all these out, top with crushed ice

Then add 50ml Cacaha,

Get a bev nap covering the top of glass and using a barspoon mix all the lovely ingredients together

Top with more crushed ice, to create snow cone

Place to sip straws in the top and serve

This is such a delicious cocktail…one of my all time favourites

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