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How to make a Cosmopolitan

Ingredients you'll need …

About the Cosmopolitan

The cocktail that was make famous by the ladies of Sex and the City…they certainly had good taste.

This is a drink that can be enjoyed anytime day or night and can be adapted very very easily to your personal taste.

Why not substitute the vodka for your own favourite; change the cranberry for another juice.

The opportunities are only limited by your imagination….give it a go!


Get yourself a clean Martini glass

This needs to be chilled, so simply fill it with ice and some water and put to one side

Roll your lime for around 10–15 seconds on a chopping board – this will make it a lot more juicy

Cut this in half and then half again

Putting your knife to 45 degree angle, cut the limes into nice wedges, you will get 4 per half

Measure 37.5ml of Ketel One, i.e. 3/4 of the way up your 50ml measurer

Then top this with 12.5ml of Cointreau (a lovely orange liqueur); making sure that you do this over the top of the Boston glass, in case there is any spillage

Next is 50ml of Cranberry juice and after this squeeze & drop your two lime wedges into the Boston glass

Top with cubed ice

Put the Boston tin on top at a slight angle and hit it firmly, creating a seal

Left hand on the tin, right hand on the bottom of the glass, move your right hand up 45 degrees and SHAKE!!!!

Once the tin is frosted on the outside, then its showtime

Place the Boston tin & tin glass in your left hand, with two fingers on each – the tin should be at the bottom

Then using the palm of your hand, hit the tin where it meets the glass, give it some welly otherwise nothing will happen

Never ever ever do this on a bar top as it’s very dangerous

Hey presto the two will come apart

Get your chilled glasse and discard the ice & water, flicking to remove ever last drop – maybe over your mate if they have been bugging you to make this quicker

Put your Hawthorn strainer into the tin and using a fine strainer with the other hand, pour into your Martini glass

What you should now have is a lovely Flamingo pink drink…but it is not finished yet, so don’t be tempted to drink it, even it will look and smell divine

Get an orange and carefully cut a nice slice of the skin, making sure you don’t do too deep, otherwise you will get the pith (which is bitter)

Then hold this with both your fore fingers and thumb, flesh side down, and gently squeeze and waft this over the top of the drink

This will release the oils from the skin and give an amazing orangey aroma, so you will not only smell orange but taste it in the drink as well, always a winner

Then rub the orange twist around the rim of the glass and drop it in

I better warn you, once you have made one then you will not accept anything less!

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