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How to make a Dry Martini

Ingredients you'll need …

About the Dry Martini

The most iconic cocktail of them all

This is a drink that is all down to personal preferences, so that means doing a little bit of research to find out what is your favourite:

Spirit – Which vodka, gin or both (ala James Bond’s fav the ‘Vespa’). This is very important as each will have different characteristics to bring to the finished cocktail.
Vermouth – how much???
Garnish – olive, twist of lemon, cocktail onion


Get yourself a clean Martini glass

This needs to be chilled, so simply fill it with ice and some water and put to one side

Measure out 12.5ml of your Vermouth and place into your Boston glass

Place your barspoon into this and then fill with cubed ice

Stir the ingredients together, as the whole idea is to coat the ice with the Vermouth

Once you feel the glass is nice and cold, then the Vermouth has done its job

Simply place a Hawthorn strainer into the top of the Boston glass and discard the Vermouth – remembering to keep the barspoon in there

If you want to make a Wet Martini, then don’t discard the Vermouth

Fill the Boston glass with 70ml of Tanqueray and top with a little more ice

Now continue to stir the ingredients until they are ice ice cold

Get your chilled glass and discard the ice & water, flicking to remove ever last drop – maybe over your mate if they have been bugging you to make this quicker

Put your Hawthorn strainer into the tin and using a fine strainer with the other hand, pour into your Martini glass

You will now need a zester, a cool piece of kit

Carefully holding the lemon in one hand, use the zester to create a nice long thin piece of lemon – remembering to do this over the glass, so that the oils linger over the top

Get your lemon twist and wrap around a straw, dropping it into the finished cocktail

Done :)

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