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How to make a Mojito

Ingredients you'll need …

  • 50ml Bacardi Superior
  • 8–10 mint leaves
  • 2 x barspoons caster sugar
  • 20ml fresh lime juice
  • Soda top
  • Lots of crushed ice

About the Mojito

The most popular cocktail in the world right now.

With it’s origins lying in the bars of Havana at the turn of last century, this is a drink that needs to be mastered to be fully appreciated.

No matter what your personal preference, there is a recipe for you. Simply substitute the rum for your favourite, play around with the citrus & sweetness and you can create a drink that will be a friend of yours for a very long time.


Get yourself a nice clean glass

Roll your lime for 10–15 seconds on a chopping board

Cut your lime in half and place into a lime squeezer or use a normal everyday juicer

Squeeze 20ml of juice and collect these in a 25ml jigger i.e. just below the rim (you will normally need both halves, depending how juicy or large the lime is)

Add 2 barspoons of caster sugar

Rip 8–10 mint leaves and place into the glass

With your barspoon, start to stir the 3 ingredients together, the sugar will dissolve into the lime juice and the mint will get coated in this…mmmmm

Fill the glass with crushed ice

Measure 50ml of Bacardi Superior and put into the glass

You will see that all the ingredients are lying on the bottom, so with your barspoon start to churn the ingredients

This will evenly distribute the mixture and make it taste delicious

Fill with more crushed ice, to create a nice snowcone and top with soda water

Get a mint sprig, which is a nice bunch of leaves at the top of a stem

Holding the base of the stem, slap the mint leaves in the palm of your hand or as I like to call it ‘Smack me mint up’

This will release yet more mint aromas and place in the top of your glass

Finally get two straws, bending one to create ‘rabbit ears’ and position next to the mint sprig

Drink and enjoy…this is an awesome awesome cockail

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